One Stop Shop for all your IT needs.

Whether it is an enterprise or SMB company, Dravidan Technologies managed services can make an organization’s job easier to focus on the things that matters their business the most.  Managed IT benefits include the dedication, industry knowledge and expertise of an entire IT department, who are focused on the delivery of organization’s core business.  Our Service allows you to stay focused on expanding an organizations core competency, while our managed services can help you with your day-to-day IT related tasks or activities that are more time consuming and complex such as:

  • Data center operations
  • Cloud computing
  • Disaster recovery planning, management and operations
  • Collaboration services
  • IT Application Development & Support Services
  • Cyber security assessments and operations
  • Computer systems and asset management
  • End user support

Ultimately, our services help you increase the business’s efficiency and competitiveness by providing the values of managed services.

Managed Services Value Proposition

1. Predictable & Scalable OPEX

Investments for IT systems and infrastructure can be costly. Investment in IT needs upfront prediction of operational expenses and will turn out to be hard as your business grows. With Dravidan Technologies managed services, these expenses are consolidated into a fixed set of OPEX costs as we typically operate with fixed monthly rates. Investments like hardware breakdowns, maintenance and repairs are already calculated into such operational budget and won’t bring unexpected costs when such things occur.

2. Low Overheads

Running an in-house team have significant hidden overheads or costs such as monthly salaries, benefits, insurance, and office upkeep. Also, it takes both time and money to train staff members to become familiar with existing systems and processes.  By subscribing to Dravidan Technologies managed services, such overheads can be optimized or even fully eliminated. In addition to lowering the overheads, our managed IT services also helps optimize the IT costs. For instance, our services help an organization save on:

  • Consulting
  • Licensing
  • Training
  • Emergency repairs

Our Managed Services also help an organization reduced labor rates and saves a lot of time and effort.

3. SLA Driven Delivery

An organization cannot afford loss of productivity from their employees due to a downtime or any type of technical difficulties. Having 24/7/365 support is necessary to ensure the business is productive.  Subscribing to our managed services contract helps you get round the clock support that helps the business to get IT support immediately when they need it as such contracts are driven by clear SLAs

4. Expertise and Experience

One of the biggest advantages of our managed IT services is that it is capable of onboarding a team that has the right qualifications, training, certifications and experience specific to an industry. We extend access to top-notch IT administrators with expertise and experience, negating the need to find and hire them. Having a contract with us also helps an organization to have access to the latest technologies in the market and have them implemented quickly and smoothly.

5. Proactive Monitoring & Resolution

Proactive monitoring is a key to avoid downtimes. Our Managed services always includes 24/7 Proactive monitoring as it’s our responsibility to ensure that we meet the SLA for downtime and availability of our customer’s environment. This helps an organization to focus on their business peacefully as we will proactively identify problems and resolve them before even the business knows about it and helps our customers avoid getting into serious issues/downtimes.

6. Security, Privacy and Compliance

Most of the organizations are obligated to comply with strict regulations and standards that are mandated by their local and international regulatory bodies and standards. These standards and regulations spell out specific rules in regards to privacy and security. This really needs skilled people to implement and audit the environment to have an environment compliant to the standards and regulations. As we are dealing with multiple customer and multiple industry verticals, we have well experienced team, whose services are leveraged to the customers at a very negligible cost.

Managed Services Engagement Model

Our flexible engagement model leverages our global delivery capability that transparently and seamlessly combines the benefits of onsite, and offshore model that helps us to deliver high value and cost-effective solutions. Our onsite site and offshore engagement capabilities facilitate turnkey delivery of well-defined solution elements from our offshore delivery centers in collaboration with our technology partners based at India and UK.