Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure Services

Managed IT infrastructure services consists of support round the clock for the below areas. Our team are skilled with decades of experience in supporting all the below services with most of the leading technology vendors in the market.

Servers Support

Our managed services team provide the hardware support for your Rack servers converged and hyper converged Infrastructure. Our team are skilled in hardware from most of the leading brands like HPE, Dell, Hitachi, Huawei and Lenovo

OS Support

Our teams are skilled in monitoring, management, administration and support of your operating systems. Our managed operating system support includes Microsoft windows, RedHat Linux, Solaris and AIX operating systems. Our teams are also skilled in open-source OS environment like CentOS and Ubuntu.

Storage Support

Our managed services team can provide monitoring, management, administration and support for most of the storage brands like HPE, Dell EMC, Hitachi, NetApp, Huawei etc. Our engineers are certified and skilled in performance tuning and optimizing the workloads in a storage.

Our teams are also skilled in software defined storage. Software-defined storage (SDS) enables users and organizations to uncouple or abstract storage resources from the underlying hardware platform for greater flexibility, efficiency and faster scalability by making storage resources programmable. This approach enables storage resources to be an integral part of a larger software-designed data center (SDDC) architecture, in which resources can be easily automated and orchestrated rather than residing in siloes.

Backup Support

Our managed backup services include implementation, management, administration and operations for backup and restoration technologies. our team are skilled in leading technologies like Veeam, Comm-Vault, Acronis, Veritas and EMC technologies etc. we let our customers save their time and effort in such operations and let them concentrate on their core business.

Microsoft AD & Exchange Support

Microsoft Active directory & Exchange are inevitable components in most of the organizations especially in countries like KSA where data sovereignty policies by the local regulatory bodies are mandated. As a result, most of the enterprise organizations have their on-premises active directory and exchange. We at Dravidan Technologies have years of expertise in managing AD & exchange whether it is on-premises or cloud or as hybrid setups. our certified engineers ensure error free AD & exchange environment and handles the day-to-day operations and performance fine tuning.

Hypervisor Management (Hyper-V, VMWare, Nutanix and RedHat)

most of the enterprise organizations in the region have their own private cloud environments. Acquiring the skilled manpower to manage such complex hypervisors are very expensive. Subscribing to Dravidan Technologies managed services helps customers to get rid of such issues as Dravidan Technologies have an experienced team who are handling similar environments from multiple enterprise organization. The knowledge they capture from such experiences can be leveraged by all our customers who subscribes to our managed services. Our team are really skilled in handling all leading Hypervisor technologies like VMWare, Hyper V, Nutanix and RedHat KVM.

SAP Support

Our managed SAP services helps the customers in managing their SAP environment whether it is hosted in cloud or on-premises. Our team are skilled in managing the SAP Basis and ABAP environments. Our L2 engineers are available locally at KSA and our advanced L3 engineers leverages their services from our offshore centers. on need basis, they can travel onsite.

24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitoring is the key element in managed services as proactively identifying any outages is an important task to meet the stringent SLA of customers. Our 24/7 monitoring team keeps an eye on our customer environments, identifies an issue and route it to the engineering to resolve the issues with the specified SLA of customer.

IT Service Management

Our IT service management team helps our managed services customers in managing their IT operations. our helpdesk system is an ITIL compliant tool. Our team are skilled in ITIL framework and make sure the services are delivered as per the ITIL standards. They follow up with different teams until resolving an issue and acts as a SPOC who orchestrates during an incident management, problem management, change management, service request management and configuration management processes.