Cloud Services

Dravidan Technologies cloud experts hold decades of experience in deploying, managing and supporting cloud solutions and we are capable of handling the below areas in cloud services

Public Cloud
• Azure
• Google

Private Cloud
• VMWare
• Hyper V
• Nutanix

End to End Cloud Migration

Migration to cloud is the trend today and it really helps the organizations to eliminate huge capital expenditure on their IT budgets. It also reduces the overheads on managing complex environments, networks and datacenters. Our cloud migration services help organizations to migrate their workload to any public or private clouds with proven technologies, methodologies and tools. Our services also support our customer to transform to any cloud-based solution, suits their business needs.

Cloud Engineering Services

Cloud engineering is where the future lies, where complex system which are still running from datacenters needs to be migrated to cloud with a tweak on its source code. A simple lift and shift migrations are a mere migration of applications from data center to cloud without changing the controls to comply with cloud resources.

Cloud consulting Services

With enterprises switching from datacenters to cloud services, optimization of cloud resources thus optimizing the cost becomes an essential skill. This needs deep knowledge about the cloud services and applications to fine tune them. Dravidan Technologies processes the expertise in this area and our service can help enterprises to optimize the cloud cost.